Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking

Meriem Wakrim

Visual artist and cinematographer

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

At Saari, I intend to work on my visual art practice while experimenting and immersing myself in this totally new place. I have almost never travelled outside Morocco, and there are a lot of new first times for me in being here. I want to welcome the encounters and the change of scenery and, see what it brings to my art practice, see how it grows as I grow.

My project “from nature” is a series of drawings made through mixed techniques, including work on paper and computer, reflecting on our relationship to nature. Landscapes born from the imagination or from what is seen take form in shapes and colours that attempt to evoke, to suggest, a familiar, universal feeling of belonging to nature. A landscape can reflect our inner world, or there are simply no boundaries between what is happening inside and outside. Drawing while being inspired by nature is a way to dissolve the separation between the human world, which can be too human-centred, and the environment surrounding us. The main reason I draw is that it allows me to stay connected to the world and makes many forms of interactions possible. I hope that just as this residency allows me a change and a break from what I am used to, my drawings can also allow a little trip for people who see them.