Melina & Katarina Koljevic


A film story about a German woman married to a Serbian man that is coming for the first time to her husband’s native country, under stressful circumstances. The trip changes their relationship profoundly because she realizes her husband is not the man she thinks she knows. He completely changes his behavior and she is not ready to compromise with this new personalty he presents. This is a story about different views on the social and biological concept of family. It examines the archetypes and the role of women today, in different cultures. Told through a personal and emotional perspective, this is a film that takes on a wide social range of modern society and its mixed cultures. Within a family portrait, we confront the residues of ancient tribal and patriarchal social laws that are resilient to the changes of modern society with the liberal and conscious ways of contemporary lifestyle.

With the isolation that Saari Residence provide, and that is necessary at this stage of working on a film, we are planning to write the first draft of the script, the director’s statement, to create a mood board and preliminary production plan.

Through 4 weeks of work and using different method, such as structural constellations and personal testing rehearsals on dialogue list, we will shape the characters and map the structure of the film.

Two women that are authors gathered around one film project that deals with the topic which is a real problem in world of our country that is quite determined by its patriarchal issues and very hostile towards real gender equality both in private and public lives. This film story opposes a lot of prejudices about Balkan as a space of pure emotion and open hearts, since it becomes only fake image that almost the whole society supports since it is shaped to suit men more than women.