Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art

Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell

visual artists

Kuva: Jussi Virkkumaa

Swedish visual artists Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell are planning to use their two-month residency establishing sustainable collaborative long-term queer engagements under the name In Each Other’s Company (IEOC). The company explores opportunities for sustainable performative practices and formats. It engages itself in the buildup of energy and the creation of new fault lines that disrupt, unsettle, and undermine even the most seemingly solid grounds, thus keeps on asking what a livable life is. “It is especially urgent in this time-space, when it has become clear that the transnational capitalist, anthropocentric and odd-phobic system only melt down the worlds recourses and aims to limit our nature-cultural queer potentials,” they point out.

When Malin ArnellPhD (b. 1970) och Mar Fjell (b. 1981) come together they become an interdisciplinary art worker, collaborator, organizer, researcher, educator and musician. Since 2017 they have shared breaths through Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Treignac, Skomvær, Bolzano, Turku among others. Now they are inhaling Saari.

They explicitly do affectivity within a queer eco-erotic ethics of polymorphous perversity and care making. They explore conditions for participatory practices in territorial environments by emphasizing the sticky shivers of (self-)touching through vibrating togetherness. Masturbatory cooperation, and a dis-location of those frictions, opens up for an unending dynamism of entanglements aka everything in the name of all things queer.

With the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Saari Residence in Finland they are now working towards establishing sustainable collaborative long-term queer engagements under the name “In Each Other’s Company”.