Lotta Aarikka

Doctoral researcher and freelance writer

During my residency at Saari, I will write my doctoral thesis which is close to finished and deals with the history of Finnish dialect research from the perspective of materials, methods and language ideologies.

Spending time at the residence isolated from the rest of the world suits me just fine. Although the common stereotype of a researcher toiling alone in her chamber is untrue, I have discovered that, especially in the final stages of a long doctoral thesis, I’m an introverted and cranky person who longs for peace and quiet. At the residence, I will be able to clear away all the normal everyday tasks that seems to get in the way of doing my research. I will have room to think.

Born in Pori in 1987.
Loud, but kind.
Has studied comparative literature, folklore, creative writing and Finnish.
Graduated with a Master’s degree in Finnish in 2014.
Writer: blog and other social texts, attempts at fiction.
Most interested in: language, politics, society, universities, equality and non-discrimination, reality TV, everything that glitters, my dogs