theatre group

Krepsko is an international theatre group founded in Prague in 2001. During the years we have created more than 20 original performances and travelled around the world with them – now we are happy to gather together in Finland and concentrate on our new work in the Saari Residence. We will be working intensively on our coming premiere “AnnaBerthaCecilia”, a nonverbal performance based on alphabets using elements of puppetry, illusion and visual theatre. It is a project where we’ll present to the audience several small stories, one for each alphabet. These are portraits-of-a-kind of ladies and women in the most unusual situations, told by the means of striking and visually attractive theatre worlds. Our aim is to create a new part, a new alphabet, of the performance during this residence, and we are curious where the stay in Saari will lead us – usually, as it tends to, somewhere else than we originally expected!