Kajsa Gullberg


My name is Kajsa Gullberg. I was born (1977) and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark after high school (1996) where I have been based ever since.  

Photography is my main media but I hope to integrate text more in my production.  

The project I am going to work on in Saari is one project including two products. One book with images and one book with text.  

The headline for the project is: The swinger club – the ultimate sexual safe space for women. I place where she can go to have all (kind of) sex she wants without the risk of getting raped, assaulted or slut shamed.  

I have photographed women in a swinger club in Copenhagen for almost a year. In Saari I am going to edit the images and the sequence and create a text to it. The project is not documentaristic but a poetic and subjective comment on the social world outside the swinger club. 

The other book is going to be a document in text about my journey through this environment during one and a half years.