Jacinta Jardine


During my stay at the Saari Residence I will be working on an immersive theatre piece. The idea for this work stems from dystopian science fiction concepts about human evolution and the future ahead of us. I am interested in human perseverance and our primitive will to survive, which often lies dormant under the despondency of a life without struggle. With this piece I want to examine how significant this fundamental will to survive is in today’s world, and its relationship with our growing determination to live forever in legacy, memory and success.

My core aims for the residency are to write and design this theatre piece, experimenting with different fields and mediums and staying open to novel possibilities. I plan to use the darkness of the Finnish winter, the stillness of the residence’s natural surroundings and my isolation from the familiar as inspiration for this project. The guiding backbone of this piece comes from my desire to tell a story and create a world that my audience can be completely immersed in.