Iris Karayan


During my stay at the Saari Residence, I will do the research for my next work which will be produced and presented in 2018 in Athens, Greece.

My plan is to collect web based material on recent social events that have occurred in Greece. I will attempt to revisit, remember and recreate narratives related to these stories mixing reality with fiction. The research material will be translated and transformed into a choreographic score, conditions and rules concerning time and space, actions performed, gestures, etc. The composed score will be performed in a series of loops putting into question the narratives and dramaturgies produced within this mechanism. I am interested in exploring narratives that are imagined, experienced, shared, erased, forgotten, disrupted, repeated.
My choreographic practice focuses on the relations of form and structure to memory, experience, dramaturgy and meaning. I have been working a lot with structural elements of repetition, transformation, difference and exhaustion and movement ideas that respond to external stimuli, rules and constraints, impossible conditions, alternating spaces of tension and ease.