Residency artists and researchers

Sculpture, installation art

Invisible Flock Co.


Earth Tones looks to highlight the hidden, magical and often unseen elements of nature. Through melding digital technologies and natural materials the work allows audiences to see, hear and experience landscapes in impossible ways, with hidden ecosystems heightened and re-imagined.

Earth Tones melds locative data capture, field research, science and digital art.

The project begins as a journey mapped through a landscape where multiple techniques are used to capture a spectrum of data; ambisonic (3D) sound recordings, air, water, earth, bio and seismic data. The journey and corresponding data act as a time based footprint of the mapped ecosystems, that are re-imagined as a beautiful immersive installation for an audience to play within.

The resulting installation will be entirely responsive to the data captured, it may take place in a gallery space, in a site specific public space or both. We will build an interactive, sensory environment in order to represent the data in a beautiful digital/physical artwork, with an invitation to touch and explore the installation in order to affect it.

Earth Tones addresses issues of communication and proximity; how do we communicate complex environmental data in a way that audiences can not only understand but can build a relationship with. This work looks at how we can feel data, as opposed to reading and analysing it, evoking our emotional senses and a deeper understanding. We will meld data capture, field research, science and digital art, highlighting the unseen elements of nature and how quickly it is shifting under our influence.