Hoisko and Salmivaara


Dancers Inari Salmivaara and Maija Hoisko will work on their I Am A Museum project at the Saari Residence

In their I Am A Museum project, dancers Maija Hoisko and Inari Salmivaara examine the body as a private and public museum.

“A permanent, non-profit institution that serves society and its development, that is open to the public and that – to promote research and education and give pleasure – acquires, preserves, studies, provides information about and exhibits physical evidence of people and their environment.”

In their I Am A Museum – project, Hoisko and Salmivaara explore how the definition above can be applied to the human body. The project is based on their bodily memories of Solo for Ursula O, a duet performed at Ateneum in 1999.

How can bodily memories be activated and research carried out through movement – dance? How can we open such a bodily museum to the public? What type of physical evidence of or information about people and their environment can we produce in this manner? Can a body be a museum, after all – even a private museum?

The working group consists of Maija Hoisko and Inari Salmivaara, who previously cooperated in 1999.

Maija Hoisko

Maija Hoisko is a choreographer based in Tampere, Finland, who has studied the collective

national identity and the significance of the gender and age of performing artists in her works in recent years.

Her most recent works include Inappropriate (2012), based on the themes of films by Teuvo Tulio, a director with a cult following, and Monday Club (November 2014), examining the past and present status of female artists.


Inari Salmivaara

Inari Salmivaara is a choreographer and dancer who hails from Rauma, Finland, and lives in Paris, France. Her works are based on real-time observations and often on the creative process itself, the experience of performing or watching. Her works combine various fields of art, examining socio-political themes, such as hope, utopias and cooperation. Her previous visiting performances in Finland include 5 in a Work not Cited at the Barker Theatre in 2008 and the solo works Letter Piece Vol. Paris and I Am Lying at the XS Festival of Ehkä Productions in 2009 and 2011, as well as Aimless Hanging Out with Friends, a work commissioned by Ehkä Productions and performed at Kutomo in 2013.