Residency artists and researchers

Sculpture, installation art

Halil Balabin & Merava Kamel

visual artist duo

We are an artist duo, working together since 2012.

Our joined work allows us to move freely and to give up the elements identified with each of us, to transform ourselves through art.

Our works are divided into two types of practices – the first is sewing of dolls, and the other is site-specific installations.

Our installations deal with documentary and autobiographical content, through which we examine new possibilities of documentary representation.

In contrast, our work with dolls brings out an associative way of thought — the attachment of different organs born of amputations, hybridizations and compositions that create a new object.

During our stay in Mynämäki we would like to film a puppet show based on the dreams and nightmares of blind people.

The dreams we have collected and other dreams we will collect during our stay in Saari residency will become the basis of a film that will be composed of dolls and a set both created by us.