Femicomix Finland

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Femicomix Finland & friends: International comics study

Together with the Chicago-based Ladydrawers comics collective and comic book author, journalist and activist Anne Elizabeth Moore, the Femicomix Finland collective has collected data on the situations of comic artists everywhere in the world. The international collective assembling in the Saari Residence is interested in how gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin affect the livelihoods and well-being of comic artists. At the Residence, the group intends to analyse information gathered through online surveys and translate it into thought-provoking comics. The ambitious goal is to produce publication-ready material in two weeks.

The group’s Finnish members consist of comics artist and teacher Johanna Rojola, comics artist Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen and comic arts teacher and journalist Verna Kuutti. In addition to Anne Elizabeth Moore, comics artist Sheika Lugtu and producer Francis Kang will be coming to Saari from Chicago. The collective also includes Berlin-based comic artist Elke Steiner, cultural producer Katharina Brandl from Vienna and Canadian-Latvian comic artist Laura Kenins.