Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art


Aleksandar Mijajlovic, Sonja Radosavljevic, David Winkler

Eudaemonia is a Greek word that relates to happiness and welfare. It has been used since Aristotle and we find it remarkably similar to the word “well-being”, which is often used in sustainability science to denote the desired state of human existence. Sustainability science aims to improve well-being by uncovering ways for achieving a balance between societies and ecosystems. Achieving the balance requires transforming the socioeconomic structure of contemporary society into a sustainable one. This often puts a pressure on individuals as well as on societies as it involves change of habits, abandoning typical practices and finding new routines, or understanding and navigating complexities of the world we live in. Living responsibly in an ecological sense is a privilege for some, an insurmountable obstacle for others, but a challenge for everyone. The aim of the project is therefore to explore these challenges from an emotional, personal point of view.

Our group has three members, two artists and a researcher. In our professional lives, we encounter and think about sustainability in very different ways. In order to explore what sustainability means to each of us on a personal level, how to live sustainably or how to be resilient in a changing world, we will use photography as a medium. Reaching common understanding, developing a collective story and shooting the photographs will allow us to think, question ourselves, discuss and come to a better understanding of our world and our place in it.

Two weeks in Saari residence are the beginning of our project and our work together. Throughout the timeline of our project there will be three overlapping or interchanging phases in which our practice will evolve. The first phase is dedicated to discussing and capturing key ideas and creating a foundation for the whole project. The second phase is location scouting in and near Saari, which will facilitate reflection, introspection and re-connection to nature. This will lead to the third and final phase of the project in which we will begin shooting photographs.