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Performing arts, performance art

David Frankovich

performance artist

Photo: Riku Pihlanto

Photo: Riku Pihlanto

I am an artist based in Helsinki and Toronto working in performance art and experimental media. Recent concerns in my work have been bisexual erasure and invisibility. I am trying to approach these problems positively. Rather than thinking of it as a question of absence, I try to queer the notion of “presence” in performance by appropriating invisibility and erasure as the basis of a queer performance strategy.

At the Saari Residency I am continuing this work by making an invisibility cloak, to be used in performances. It will be based on the concept of the ghillie suit, a form of camouflage commonly used by hunters and snipers. I intend to subvert the violent associations of this sort of camouflage in an ironic way, using colourful and reflective materials. It will instead act more like dazzle, confusing the viewer by breaking up the shapes of the body – an appropriately “queer” strategy.