Recording artist

During this residency period, I’ll be working on a single theme – introspection.

I am looking forward to a mentoring programme that will help improve my artistic skillset, and I expect to connect with like-minded creatives and not only share but also learn from our collective experiences, adding to and tapping into the creative opportunities presented by taking part in the home residency programme.

My working process involves, but is not limited to, collaboration with fellow songwriters and use of reference tracks for purposes of illustration and research. These are usually my most effective techniques when writing.


BoiBlacc is a producer and recording artist from Buruburu, Eastern Nairobi, Kenya, and a living embodiment of his work that fits seamlessly in this digital age while touching on the large influence that the Golden Age of Hip-hop has had on him. He has been producing music since 2017, with the most notable collaborative appearances being on KiliHippie’s mixtape ‘Beloved B-Sides’ and the latter debut album ‘Hii Si Demo’. In 2020 BoiBlacc released his debut album ‘The Blacc Circle’ produced by KiliHippie. Using a unique combination of Sheng’ (a local Kenyan creole) and English, BoiBlacc weaves together tales of struggle and hope that command the attention of any audience.