“Your attitude is decisive”

Who are you?  Neea Eloranta, Kone Foundation office secretary.

How did you end up working for the Kone Foundation?  I had just come back from backpacking in Asia and needed a job. I learned about the office secretary position at the Kone Foundation and thought: this is a job that’s perfect for me!

What do you do at the Foundation?  Anything and everything! I help grant recipients and applicants with their questions – in other words, I answer the phone and emails a lot. I also look after grant-related payment and ongoing office matters, participate in the organisation of events, keep up the Chamber activities, arrange meetings, take care of the grant process and, where needed, help my colleagues with all kinds of things.

 What’s the best part of your work?  Seeing how grant recipients get to realise their fine projects! As an outgoing kind of person, what I precisely like is helping grant recipients and applicants as well as organising Foundation events. I also enjoy dealing with numbers such as entering and arranging the grant payments into our system.

And what’s the most challenging thing?  The everyday life of the office can sometimes be quite busy! The interests of the grant recipients have primary importance for me, so sometimes their problems become my problems.

 If you could be given one super power, what would it be and why?  To know how to fly! I’ve always liked high places and extreme sports as well as the feeling of freedom. I’d like to take part in a paragliding course some time – that’s flying in a way!


Neea Eloranta, 25, is the Kone Foundation’s office secretary.

During her leisure time, Neea travels, treks in the wilds, dances, takes pictures, reads books, meets friends and family, studies, does yoga and snowboards.

Motto: Your attitude is decisive!