Vuoden Tiedekynä 2016 award candidates revealed

Kone Foundation grants each year EUR 25,000 to the author(s) of an academic article in which the Finnish language is used in a resourceful way. This year, the field of the award will be social sciences.

Among the articles submitted, Kalle Korhonen, Docent and Head of Scientific Affairs at Kone Foundation, and Docent Hanna Kuusela (University of Turku) chose ten articles as candidates for the Vuoden Tiedekynä 2016 award.

”All in all, magazines and books offered fantastically interesting research results and debates worthy of a wider audience. It was difficult to form the list of candidates as the ideal of not including personal elements in an academic article is still strong in academic writing. Sometimes the author adopts a more individual style but the research material is not extensive enough, decreasing the credibility of the article as scientific research,” Mr Korhonen and Ms Kuusela say.

The articles selected cover issues such as the connections between sexuality and cultural differences in text books, the study of child protection, and changes in urban spaces. See the list of candidates and view the articles (in Finnish)

The winner of the Vuoden Tiedekynä 2016 award will be chosen by Professor Risto Heiskala. The winner will be announced on March 11th.