Tips for the summer

It can be hard to choose from the rich selection of art and culture in the Finnish summer. But do not worry, here are a few tips to help you to take part in the summer of arts 2016.

Melliferopolis Fest – Series of Events for Bees and Humans in Urban Nature 9.6.–20.9. Melliferopolis (MFP) Fest is set between the wild and civilization. It creates a shared space of encounters for Bees and Man through visible actions and collaborations with semi-wild animals in public urban settings. Melliferopolis experiments with new ways of understanding bees, beekeeping and the ecology of the hive. Read more

The Finnish Landscape 11.6.–31.8. The Finnish Landscape exhibition contains commissioned artwork by international artists. The works are exhibited at the open-air museum and deal with the concepts of conservation and destruction, nature and culture, ethnography and post-ethnography, historical use and misuse, and finally with the subtle difference between building an identity and branding an identity in the current Finnish cultural and political landscape. Read more

The Real Health Center The Real Health Center is the world’s first performance with proven health benefits. It combines new live art, high-level research and an enchanting performance whose value can be judged with clear indicators. Premiere in Helsinki on Fri 12.8.2016. Read more

Life Aquatic – Underwater Art 17.–20.8. Underwater concerts, soundscapes and sculpture in the Rauma Swimming Hall – offers experiences both under and above water from morning to evening. The underwater concert in Rauma is the first of its kind in Finland and evening concerts will feature live music by performers from Rauma and Helsinki. Read more

Sade Kamppila & Viivi Roiha: Metsä – The Forest Project 27.8. & 28.8. A site-specific and mobile circus performance created by Sade Kamppila and Viivi Roiha. A truly unique experience, it weaves together a number of circus skills, including pair and solo acrobatics in the air, on the ground and between the trees. Read more

More events (in Finnish)

Past events:

Parantola 2.–22.7. The Turku based artists’ association Arte opens an exhibition titled Parantola (eng. Sanatorium) at the former tuberculosis hospital. Parantola creates a connection between the space and the art works including the original idea behind the famous building designed by architect Alvar Aalto. The artists Anna Torkkel & Masi Tiitta, Anni Puolakka, Essi Kausalainen, Frank Brümmel, Harri Laakso, Hertta Kiiski, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Mikko Kuorinki & Lisa Radon and Tero Nauha all present site-specific works, which are specially created for the Parantola exhibition. Read more

Summer job project: Kultaa! 5.8. & 6.8. Kultaa! (Gold!) asks if society acts like a gold-digger and picks the highflyers among youth. The performers are young summer workers of the city of Helsinki. They have created the contents of the piece together with dramaturge Are Nikkinen and theatre maker Elina Izarra. Read more