Tips for the end of the year

Our grant recipients are continuously working on all kinds of intriguing projects. Here are few of our tips.

Encounters 24.11. – 11.12. What happens when you combine Russian people, stories and food? Encounters. People, stories and flavours from the neighbourhood is a Finnish-Russian project highlighting ordinary Russian people, their everyday life, food culture and stories. Encounters came into being because of a need to make ordinary Russian people’s voices heard in a time when the discussion in the media is characterized by grand political alignments and often negative reportage. Read more

Juhlakalu (Party Popper) 24.11.–11.12. Juhlakalu (Party Popper) invites you to celebrate. It buries the crumbled democracy and collectivism. It creates a new utopia with you, every night. Read more

Heidi Lampenius’s Supernatural 25.11.–18.12. at Helsinki Contemporary Memory images and time, the archaeology of memory, and people’s need to leave their mark and to be seen – and for the individual to belong to a broader continuum. Alternatively the paintings remind us of the isolation of the individual, but also speak of human empathy and of the longing for it. Read more

Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia 3.–4.12. The two day event “Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia” includes presentations by researchers as well as politicians, artists and film makers. Read more

INHERITANCE at the Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition at the Bildmuseet 16.4.2017 saakka INHERITANCE by Erich Berger and Mari Keto consists of a set of precious jewellery artifacts which are radioactive and therefor rendered practically and symbolically unwearable for deep time, until the radionuclide transmute naturally into a stable and non radioactive isotope of lead.  The exhibition brings together artists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and the deep time. Read more


Past events:

Baltic Circle theatre festival 15.–20.11. Kone Foundation has supported the Finland – developing country of social relations programme. The programme consists of a series of performances, a workshop and a club night. The series has three works – A(part), Monitor Man, and Play House – that explore social situations as the starting point and material for an artwork. The theme will also be explored in the workshop, with an invitation to shape a new kind of world and search for surprising solutions. On Friday night the festival club is hosted by DJ Mama who has the magical power to bring people together on the dance floor. Read more and see the festival programme

The movement that didn’t have a dog and a stick around it At the SIC-gallery 29.10.–20.11. Read more