Tips for the beginning of spring

Our grant recipients are continuously engaged in exciting projects. See a few tips from us for the beginning of spring.

FRONTIERS IN RETREAT 2017–2018: Ecological experimentality in art – an international exhibition series and a publication During 2017–2018, the five-year international co-operative project Frontiers in Retreat, co-ordinated by Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), one of the largest art residency centres in Northern Europe, will gather together various research and artistic processes realised around Europe during the project. Frontiers in Retreat (2013–2018) has acted as a base for multidisciplinary forms of thought, research, and production, in which artists, researchers, and specialists from various fields track the elements of a ‘post-fossil’ paradigm to come, after the current, oil-based society. Frontiers in Retreat will finish with Edge Effects, a series of eight satellite exhibitions, organised during 2017–2018. The exhibitions will gather together the works and research processes of 25 artists participating in the project, and place them in the context of the wider discourse within the arts on climate and paradigm changes and a post-fossil future. The more precise times and selection of artists will be published during spring and summer 2017.

Elina Vainio: Dugout 10.–26.2. Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery The works in the exhibition Dugout deal with topics such as surface and underground mining, earthworks engineering, erosion and time in the long term. By tracing invisible and often irreversible processes, the works underscore our illusion of readiness for all-encompassing corrective measures, yet simultaneously point at the boundless imagination and resourcefulness when conditions for sustaining life get narrower. Read more

Festival of Political Photography 2017: Post Food Food is not just a simple, basic commodity used to satisfy hunger. This year, the Festival of Political Photography will present images that highlight the political, social and environmental dimensions of food. Read more

Climate Whirl / Forest – Climate – Time 5.–6.4. The subtle changes happening over the course of long periods of time can be understood via persistent work, trial and error, and through broad observation and thought combining various disciplines. Forest-Climate-Time gives the floor to the explorers of climates, life and time, for those who approach their research topics from multiple angles. Neither subjects nor viewpoints are tied to certain disciplines or species. Instead, we look for encounters and interplay between sciences, arts, people, trees and other organisms. The event is realised by Climate Whirl team. Read more

Mad House Helsinki 13.1.–23.4. Mad House’s fourth season explores humanity and the human. Read more and see the programme

Heidi Piiroinen: Left Coast 20.1.–28.4. Bang Bang Gallery Read more