Tips for the autumn

Our grant recipients are continuously working on all kinds of intriguing projects. We have compiled a couple of tips here for the autumn.

Museum of Nonhumanity  2.–29.9. A new temporary museum is to open in Helsinki in September. The museum will present the history of the distinction between humans and other animals, and the way that this imaginary boundary has been used to oppress human and nonhuman beings. Read more

Secret Life of Plants 8.9 & 13.–15.9. Performance about the relationship between plants and people. A puppet theatre piece for one dancer. Read more

Melliferopolis Fest – Series of Events for Bees and Humans in Urban Nature until 22.9. Melliferopolis (MFP) Fest is set between the wild and civilization. It creates a shared space of encounters for Bees and Man through visible actions and collaborations with semi-wild animals in public urban settings. Melliferopolis experiments with new ways of understanding bees, beekeeping and the ecology of the hive. See the programme

IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse 22.9.–6.10. IN SITU is an interactive audio’architectural installation, which transforms the Winter Garden greenhouse (Talvipuutarha) into a gigantic musical instrument. For two weeks this Autumn, the entire glass structure of the Winter Garden will be turned into a multi’channel sonic space. Vibration speakers attached to the building’s glass walls turn the glass panels into speakers. Read more

Pixelache Festival 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy 22.–25.9. The festival explores possibilities of the shift towards the understanding of human species as a balanced part of the ecosystem we live within. For a long time humankind has known about the challenge of overconsumption of natural resources that eg. cause climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, pollution and extinction of species. Nevertheless, the knowledge on its own does not seem to lead to rapid and significant change in our behaviour. Read more

“Aus voller Seele: Variationen und Sonaten von Beethoven und Mendelssohn”  4.10. This concert brings the audience back to the romantic atmosphere of “Hausmusik” by playing on wonderful period instruments and taking a historically informed performance approach to performance. The concert is part of a postdoctoral research project by Guadalupe López-Íñiguez. Read more

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Past events:

The Ob-Ugric National Theatre from Western Siberia in Helsinki 26.8. The Stage festival receives the Ob-Ugric National Theatre from Western Siberia for the first time. They bring with them a mythic story of Siberian depth from a time when there were still gods, Arctic Ocean fishing peoples and a belief in the power of legends.  Read more

Sade Kamppila & Viivi Roiha: Metsä – The Forest Project 27.8. & 28.8. A site-specific and mobile circus performance created by Sade Kamppila and Viivi Roiha. A truly unique experience, it weaves together a number of circus skills, including pair and solo acrobatics in the air, on the ground and between the trees. Read more

The Finnish Landscape until 31.8. The Finnish Landscape exhibition contains commissioned artwork by international artists. The works are exhibited at the open-air museum and deal with the concepts of conservation and destruction, nature and culture, ethnography and post-ethnography, historical use and misuse, and finally with the subtle difference between building an identity and branding an identity in the current Finnish cultural and political landscape. Read more