Tips for October

Our grant recipients are continuously working on all kinds of intriguing projects. We have compiled a couple of tips here for October.

Open lecture by the IHME 2017 artis Theaster Gates 27.10. The Chicago artist Theaster Gates has been chosen to create the 2017 IHME Project. This artist who has extended the boundaries of visual art will talk about being an artist, music as a contemporary art-making practice, and art in public space. The members of Gates’ experimental jazz group, the Black Monks of Mississippi, will join him in the discussion. Besides Gates, also participating will be Yaw Agyeman, Michael Avery, Michael Drayton, Ben LaMar Gay and Dwayne Patrick. Read more

The movement that didn’t have a dog and a stick around it 29.10.–20.11.2016Ruler emerges as a collaborative platform for programming, exhibiting and publishing. Ruler pursues different models for artistic production and reception, functioning as an office that develops projects without a permanent physical space. Instead, paying attention to the specificities of each project, it will seek for adequate locations. The exhibition is the first part of three shows Ruler realizes in SIC’s new space during 2016-2017. Read more

INHERITANCE at the Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition at the Bildmuseet until 16th April 2017 INHERITANCE by Erich Berger and Mari Keto consists of a set of precious jewellery artifacts which are radioactive and therefor rendered practically and symbolically unwearable for deep time, until the radionuclide transmute naturally into a stable and non radioactive isotope of lead.  The exhibition brings together artists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and the deep time. Read more

Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia 3.–4.12.The two day event “Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia” includes presentations by researchers as well as politicians, artists and film makers. Read more

Past events:

Nadija Mustapić & Toni Meštrović, The Quotas of Pride 7.–23.10. The Saari Residence and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte are joining forces for the fourth time with The Quotas of Pride, an exhibition by Croatian media artists Nadija Mustapić and Toni Meštrović. The exhibition explores life in Croatian and Finnish shipyards through two video installations. The works of Mustapić and Meštrović portray changes in the shipbuilding industry and how the effects of locality and globalisation show in people’s lives in both Croatia and Finland. Read more

Mutanttikieltä goes to Jyväskylä 19.10. Mutanttikieltä is an experimental language program created by Sivuvalo project in 2015. It looks to acknowledge the problematic of literary translation as a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read. Which will be the literary corpus in the following decades, in which languages? Read more

Ecocritical perspectives on environmental conflicts: discussion with three artists 24.10. How can we better understand environmental conflicts? What can we learn from artistic ways of studying ecological values and human relationship to nature? Can we bridge between science and art? Read more