“The future is made today”

Who are you? I am Tiina, Head of Finance at Kone Foundation.

How did you end up working for Kone Foundation? About a year ago, Kone Foundation was looking for a financial management specialist for a task that also offered a great view of the management and investment activities of the Foundation. I got excited and applied for the position. We found that the requirements of the Foundation matched my experience, expertise and interests.

What do you do at the Foundation? I am responsible for the financial management of the Foundation. I also participate in investment activities, administration and project-like operations.

What is the best part of your work? The combination of financial management, administration, and investments in an inspiring operating environment.

And what is the most challenging thing? The expanse of my responsibilities, which, on the other hand, is what makes my work fascinating and encourages me to continue learning.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? Teleportation, to make my life easier.

Bio: Tiina Toivonen, 40, is Head of Finance at Kone Foundation.  Tiina completed her Master’s Degree in Economic Sciences at Helsinki School of Economics in 2000, majoring in Accounting. Before joining the Foundation, Tiina worked in auditing at PwC. In her free time, Tiina enjoys cooking and leads a busy family life with her husband and two sons.

Motto: This is an important day. The future is also made today.