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“The best part was a demonstration march that included time to stop off at an ice-cream kiosk!”

Aloud! community art and interventions series began with a celebratory night of the arts held with old and new friends during the May Day weekend! On the day before May Day, we enjoyed a pre-party in the form of a workshop open to all in the Gallery Titanik in Turku, led by Susinukke Kosola, Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren. In the case of the artists in particular, aphorisms and signs based on a range of artistic approaches were gradually formed via a– shall we say – challenging brainstorming process, involving a multitude of opinions and ideas.

We re-assembled on May Day to begin our own small parade. Personally, I was most surprised by how many comments, smiles and whispers we drew along our route between the Turku library and theatre bridges, with our self-consciously ironic declarations and daft walking style inspired by Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. Our protest marching tour ended with a picnic for all in Samppalinna Park, where Suvi had conjured up some wonderful snacks for the participants.

For me, the highlight of the entire event was perhaps our joint walk. It was only through this that I understood the meaning of our ‘demonstration’, if there was any. Some of the participants in our mini-project described our May Day stunt as their own spiritual home, which we would like to continue next year.

My thanks to Arts Promotion Centre Finland’s Regional Artist Suvi Solkio, all of the participants and, in particular, the leaders of the workshop Susinukke Kosola (rhetoric), Ishmael Falke (visuals) and Sandrina Lindgren (Silly walks – choreography and videos).

Various Facebook comments capture the wonderful May Day spirit:

“A huge thank you! This is the best ever. It goes straight to the heart – community spirit, encounters brimming with friendship, being seen, self-expression and, to cap it all, that sunshine. My thanks to each of you and to the gang as a whole.”

“T. and T. build with lego in the living room and make a common outcry: ‘No underlining! No underlining!’”

“If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Susinukke’s tips on May Day parades are now available online!

“Thank you very much for a great workshop! We are delighted with our signs!”

“The best part was a demonstration march that included time to stop off at an ice-cream kiosk!”

“Putting love into politics.”

Aloud! is a series of community art activities and interventions. Matter-of-facts dinners are part of Aloud!, and they are a new version of the discussion cafés that begun for the community art triennial in 2015.  The concept combines the relaxed atmosphere of home parties with fact-filled presentations and discussions. The picnic debate was the first ‘Matter-of-facts’ dinner.