Saari Residence


Swimming in Candlelight at the Mynämäki Pool

The event Vineta – a city under the sea was organised at the Mynämäki swimming pool on Friday 24 January. In the two-hour event, swimmers had the opportunity to immerse their senses in an enchanting underwater world, with Saara Haloila reading stories, natural sounds of the Amazon in the background and the pool area lit with candles and a disco ball. On the walls, there were all manner of sea creatures viewing the swimmers.

The figures on the walls were from An underwater world, a work by Pia Bartsch, community artist at the Saari Residence, and eighth-grade art class groups and art teacher Markku Karttunen from the Lauri school.

In 2013, the students studied the world under the sea, and sketched and designed and then fashioned and painted different kinds of sea creatures. The works are three-dimensional cartoon figures.

Included in the work is also Pia Bartsch’s work Hanging Gardens.