Saari Residence


Saari Residence’s group residencies begun

At the Saari Residence, individual residencies make way for groups during the summer. From mid-May to mid-August, Saari Residence welcomes working groups from different fields of art.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, seven working groups will be working at the Saari Residence over the summer. The residence follows the prevailing coronavirus guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and its own continued operation. If necessary, the residence will change its operation from an in-person residence to a home residence.

In May, the residence will welcome the multidisciplinary working group Tongue, whose members intend to study the dimensions of communication in the context of translation.

In June, a working group of translators of rare languages, known as Käännösmosaiikki (Translation Mosaic), will gather at the residence, as will a working group of dance artists led by choreographer Veli Lehtovaara. The latter will be working on a piece called Taiga | Forest of Harvested Time, which explores biodiversity and time.

In July, the residence will be taken over by the working group camouflage, led by choreographer Sonya Lindfors, and they will explore viewing and the politics of viewing. Also in July, the Bee Company will be taking an in-depth look at biodiversity and new ways of working. One of the residencies in July has been granted to the Puerto Rican working group Piterre, but their residency will take place as a home residency due to the traveling restrictions.

In August, the multidisciplinary working group known as Slow thinking laboratories will arrive at Saari Residence to study the topic of loneliness in modern society.