Saari Residence


Open House at Saari Residence

Kuva: Otto-Ville Väätäinen

On Saturday, 27 May from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saari Manor (Saaren kartano)
Saaren rantatie 21
23140 Hietamäki

During the day, you can

  • visit the workspaces of the artists and artist-researchers of the Uniarts Helsinki Research Pavilion working in residency, where they present their working processes in the form of performances, installations and video screenings
  • explore the artworks of Culture Trail and the newly renovated main building
  • participate in workshops and guided walking tours in the park area focusing on the landscape and the relationship with nature.


The artists and artist-researchers of the Uniarts Helsinki Research Pavilion, who are currently working in residency, open the doors of their workspaces to the public in the manor’s old barn and various outbuildings. Works and different stages of the work process can be seen by the artists Barbara Sanchez Barroso (Spain), Sara Blossevile (France/Finland), Camila Florez-Fernández (Peru), Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach (Poland), Neill Lin (Taiwan/Germany), Elena Mazzi (Italy), Noora Sandgren (Finland) and working duo Toni Brell (Germany) and Angeliki Tzortzakaki (Greece).

The fourth Culture Trail outdoor art exhibition on the trail between Saaren rantatie and Vasikkahaka will also be opened during the event. The Culture Trail exhibition, on display for a year, focuses on the dialogue between light and darkness. Along the path, you can get to know the works of artists Soohyun Choi (South Korea/Great Britain), Niko Tii Nurmi Sipiläinen (Finland), Anu Raatikainen (Finland) and Meriem Wakrim (Morocco), who have worked in the Saari Residence.

In the medieval basement of the manor’s main building, Mari Keski-Korsu, who worked as a Saari Invited Artist for the Saari Residence’s ecologically sustainable residency in March–April, exhibits sound and material samples of the rituals performed in the sauna, which combine peat treatment with melted permafrost.

At the manor’s old stone Barn, you can participate in a dragon workshop led by Pia Bartsch, community artist at Saari Residence, and participants of Mynä-Mynä-Maa, where the dragons drawn get to make friends with the rainbow dragon Kalervo living in Mynä-Mynä-Maa.

During the day, Eveliina Kunnaton and Ella Prokkola from Aalto University’s landscape architecture program will introduce and discuss the surroundings of the Saari manor from the perspectives of other species and the cultural history of the manor.

In the yard of the Barn, you can participate in the DIY birdhouse workshop led by the Association for Nature Conservation in the Mynämäki Region.

Coffee will be served by the Martha Association of Mietoinen.

The event is free of charge, and admission is free.


Opening of the event, Residency Director Leena Kela.

11.30, 13.45, and 14.20
Breathing workshops by artist Neill Lin. The language of the workshop is English.

12.00 and 14.00
A lecture performance by artists Toni Brell and Angeliki Tzortzakaki. The language of the presentation is English, and the duration is about 30 min.

12.00, 13.00 and 14.00
FT, archaeologist Kari Uotila presents the medieval cellar of the Saari Manor and tells about the different phases of the manor’s history.

From 12.00 to 13.00.
Beekeeper Marko Leino presents the beehives in the area of the manor near the barn.

Bus transportation

There is a free bus service to the Open House Day via Turku and Mynämäki village centre to Mietoinen and back. You must register for the transport in advance, and the registration is binding. You can get more detailed schedules for transportation upon registration. Register by Wednesday, 24 May.

Bus transport from Turku leaves Kupittaa railway station at 10.35. The bus goes around the Turku bus station, the Turku main train station and the Mynämäki high school bus stop to the Saari Residence. The return leaves from Saari Residence at 15.00 via Mynämäki to Turku on the same route as on the way back.

Read more detailed information and register from this link.


If you arrive by car, follow the parking instructions at the manor. Accessible parking is approximately 100 meters from the main building.

You can put Saarenrantatie 21 or Saarentie 220, 23140 Hietamäki as the address in the navigator.


  • There is an elevator at the west end of the Saari Manor’s main building and an accessible toilet on the first floor.
  • The doorbell can be found by the elevator. Accessibility has been taken into account by removing the thresholds on the first floor of the main building.
  • The basement of the main building is not barrier-free.
  • The distance between the barrier-free parking space and the barrier-free entrance of the main building is about 100 m.
  • The walkways in the area are mainly gravel and sand.
  • There is no induction loop in the facilities.

If you have questions regarding accessibility, please contact Saari Residence at or phone +358 44 350 0236 (residence hostess Iiris Lahti).