Researcher residencies at the Saari Residence

Academic researchers, non-fiction authors and research groups funded by Kone Foundation can apply to work at the Saari Residence.

The Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation, is an international artist and research residence in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, where residency guests can focus on their work in a peaceful, rural environment and share their thoughts and experiences with colleagues.

Apply for an individual residency

Academic researchers and non-fiction authors funded by Kone Foundation can apply to work at the Saari Residence. The duration of a residency is two months. Researchers do not have to apply in an open call; they can contact Executive Director Leena Kela directly ( Applications for autumn 2020 and spring 2021 residency spots must be submitted by email by 15 March 2020 at the latest.

Research groups: apply for an incubator week

Research groups funded by Kone Foundation can apply for an incubator week at the Saari Residence from 2–7 June. (The residence ends at 12 noon.) Those interested in the residency should contact Executive Director Leena Kela by 15 March 2020. Please let us know whether you would like to have a private or shared room. The maximum capacity for private rooms is 18 and 23 for shared rooms. One of the apartments is accessible. The apartments have a kitchen or kitchenette with basic amenities, and one of the apartments has a shared kitchen. The Saari Residence has 4–5 working and meeting spaces (3 studios, main hall and upstairs).

For more information:

Saari Residence’s Executive Director Leena Kela,