Renewed grant application process starts in September

The annual application period for Kone Foundation grants will start on 1 September and end on 30 September 16.00 Finnish time.

We will renew our application process so that we can better advance multidisciplinary approaches and continuity. There will only be one application form.

An applicant will no longer select their art or research discipline in the new application form; instead, they select the expertise profile of a person by whom they wish to have the application evaluated. The same three levels of grants will be adopted for all monthly grants. From now on, we will more often grant the whole funding all at once to projects that last several years, in order to guarantee their continuity. We will also grant funding for the preparation of projects.

We will put focus on creative projects that contain new kinds of combinations, and projects that are marginal. We value a multidisciplinary approach and crossing boundaries between different disciplines.

The thematic funding call ‘The changing ”neighbournesses” of Finland: The close neighbours’ will also be open during the application period. Read more

Updated instructions will be published on our website before the application period starts.

The next guidance session on grants will take place on 24 August. Read more and make an appointment 

During the application period, we will also organise new kinds of counseling sessions in which projects that combine research and art will be presented. More information will follow later.

The application period for the artist and researcher residence at the Saari Residence has not changed, and it will be on 1 August–31 August. Read more