Participation Cafés – everyone can support decision- making

Public discussion is missing reasoned and informed statements made after discussions with citizens. They are needed in addition to the views of individual activists. In the social media, in particular, there are more and more polarised opinions aimed at stirring up trouble, when, in fact, the goal should be to find a common vie

During the spring of 2016, we will, together with the Institute for Deliberative Democracy (DDI), organise a series of Participation Cafés under the themes of the Will Finland Be Divided? projects and the language programme. Participation Cafés are places for the citizens to ask the experts and prepare statements about the current issues of the day. The first event will be held in Kuopio on 27 April.

The aim of the events is to bring up the everyday knowledge of the citizens to support political decision-making. With the participation of different citizens, we will achieve better quality decisions that will also be more sustainable. New ways of participation are needed to complement the traditional ways, as participants also come from all walks of life. That is what Participation Cafés are – a new, casual way of participating and making a difference. The events combine cultural aspects with knowing the facts, making a difference, and enjoying a coffee.

Participation Cafés this spring:

Kuopio Wed 27 April at 16:30-20:30. Two Finlands – increased inequality?

Porvoo Tue 3 May at 16:30-20:30. Multilingualism in the Finland of the future

Rovaniemi Thu 12 May at 16:30-20:30. Environmental decision-making

Helsinki Tue 17 May at 16:00-20:00 Have the human rights of asylum seekers been forgotten?

Participation Cafés are intended for everyone aged over 18. No advance information or prepared opinions are required. There is place for 30 participants. We will draw lots to select the participants among those enrolled, in order to make the group as diverse as possible.