Neighbour dialogues

In the first thematic funding call of the programme The Changing Neighbournesses of Finland, the focus was on immigrants from the neighbouring countries.

Neighbour Dialogues, the second funding call, will focus on all neighbour relations: both those that have existed for a long time and the new relations caused by recent immigration into Finland. Our conception of neighbourness encompasses different forms of living and acting together in the Finnish society, not just house neighbours. Our understanding of neighbour relations covers not just relationships between individuals, but also organized, informal and transnational relations (e.g., associations, movements and networks). The fundamental question in the funding call is: how do neighbours communicate and pursue dialogue despite linguistic, cultural, economic, and religious differences?

We encourage initiatives that, besides producing academic knowledge, offer proposals on how to improve communication, dialogue, and mutual understanding between neighbours. Wider projects which emphasize dialogue and conflict resolution between different societal groups are welcome, as well.

Our aim in the thematic funding call is to inspire grantees to start and develop different kinds of collaboration methods based on equal participation between researchers and civil society actors, such as associations, activists, and movements. According to the principles of Kone Foundation, there is a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary research methods. We encourage combining scholarly and artistic approaches. Journalistic work can also be supported in collaborative projects.

Application period

The application period will open on 1 September and close on 15 September at 16:00 Finnish time (EEST). Submit your application using the online application form at the online application service.

Instructions for grant applicants

Further information

Kalle Korhonen, head of research funding,