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Mynämäki Night School

Come and learn from the experts of the Mynämäki Night School!

During the opening ceremony of Saareke, the programme of the Mynämäki night school was published, and immediately after the ceremony the first class of the night school was held. In the class, Essi Saukko and Jukka Salonen gave a lecture on the topic “What is a Viking?”. In addition, they presented the weapons and suits related to the topic and also demonstrated tablet weaving.

“Giving life to the Viking age has been one of our family’s dearest hobbies for over 10 years. Jukka also studied the life of Viking warriors in his master’s thesis. Essi works at costume maintenance in Turku Castle. She has learned old handiwork techniques for both her work and hobby,” they told.

In total, 53 experts and skilled persons were suggested for the Mynämäki night school, and 12 experts from different fields were selected. The night school is organised in Saareke every other Wednesday, starting on April 25th, between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

During the next six months, the following experts will hold classes in the Mynämäki night school. Essi Saukko and Jukka Salonen (vikings), Sanna Akkanen (zumba), Toni Beckman (vipers and their handling), Kaisa Hilska (animal trainer), Matti Immonen (making of a bath broom), Marjo Jaakkola and Maija Penttilä (landrace chicken), Anita Julin (Finnish language, dialects), Aila Rannikko (traditional fishing), Niina Santio (cancer research and genetics), Raili Selinheimo (spindle spinning), Laura Varjo and Jarmo Kankaanranta (group singing), and Kirsti Vuorinen (straw mobile).

The evenings are led by Sanna Vainionpää and Leena Kela. Sanna Vainionpää is an artist and teacher local to Mynämäki. During the series of evening classes, she will examine the cooperative learning of people of different age groups through the techniques of community art. Leena Kela is the Executive Director of Saari Residence and a performance artist.

The events are free and open for everyone.

Programme of the Mynämäki night school:

25 April  Essi Saukko and Jukka Salonen Vikings

9 May  Toni Beckman Vipers

23 May  Marjo Jaakkola and Maija Penttilä Landrace chicken

6 June  Laura Varjo and Jarmo Kankaanranta Group singing

20 June Matti Immonen Making of a bath broom

4 July  Raili Selinheimo Spindle spinning

18 July  Niina Santio Cancer research and genetics

1 August  Aila Rannikko Traditional fishing

15 August  Sanna Akkanen Zumba

29 August  Anita Julin Finnish language, dialects

12 September  Kirsti Vuorinen Straw mobile

26 September  Kaisa Hilska Animal trainer

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