Juliana Hyrri’s exhibition opened in Puhuri by Tartine

This year, Café Puhuri by Tartine in the Red Villa presents Helsinki-based visual artist Juliana Hyrri’s exhibition Nightingale and Other Stories.

On display at Puhuri by Tartine until the end of the year, the exhibition Nightingale and Other Stories, which consists of paintings and pencil drawings, will showcase the many hues of visual artist Juliana Hyrri’s (born 1989) world.Puhuri by Tartine / Juliana Hyrri

“All my art is grounded in narrative, stories and storytelling. In all its meandering, the body of works on display at Café Puhuri is a story about everything I am and have been as an artist,” Hyrri says.

“I often start my artistic work by writing. The end result may be a drawing, painting, contemporary comic strip, installation, a combination of all of these or none of them at all.”

This distinguished artist is a Saari Residence alumna

Hyrri’s art involves a recurring, overlapping narrative that often creates contradictions and is intertwined with themes of otherness, growth and giving up something.

These themes are clearly highlighted in their debut comic book Satakieli joka ei laulanut (available in Finnish, published by Suuri Kurpitsa, 2019). In 2020, Hyrri was awarded the honorary Critics’ Spurs prize by the Finnish Critics’ Association.Puhuri by Tartine / Juliana Hyrri

“For me, making art is a kind of never-ending journey of exploration. The meandering nature of my work sustains my curiosity and makes work meaningful and rewarding for me.”

The changing exhibitions in the Red Villa showcase the artwork of artists who have worked at the Saari Residence for artists, maintained by Kone Foundation. Hyrri worked at the Saari Residence in autumn 2019.