Jan-Erik Andersson: The Barbeque Lover’s Carousel Pavilion (2013)

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Saari Residence, we are presenting the artwork created on the manor grounds. “Barbeque Lover’s Carousel Pavilion” by Jan-Erik Andersson is a place for the residence guests to have a barbeque, meet each other and enjoy the surroundings.

Barbeque Lover’s Carousel Pavilion by Jan-Erik Andersson (born 1954) is intended for resident artists’ barbeques and for get-togethers, reading and viewing. Like a sculpture, it is also a landmark. Inspiration for the shape of the pavilion came from Andersson’s childhood memories of merry-go-rounds and the hexagonal shape of dance pavilions and milk platforms dotted around the countryside.

Andersson created a structure with colourful steel beams are combined with materials and colours from nature. The roof is made of reeds and the sides of the grill were cast in holes that were dug in the ground around the pavilion. An ornamental pattern, Dance of the soy sausages decorates the floor.