Saari Residence


Group residencies have begun

The spring marked the beginning of group residencies at the Saari Residence. Sixteen groups from different fields of art will work at the residence from the beginning of May to the end of August. 

Restricted Portraits and Mari Kalkun and Anne-Mari Kivimäki are working in the residence in the beginning of May.

In the Saari Residence, Restricted Portraits (circus artist Henna Kaikula and media artist Jaakko Pesonen) workgroup will examine its subjects through space and time. The portraits seek the frame of mind, mood and emotion of their targets. The protagonist decides what they do in the portrait, and the recording is done in complete privacy without outside viewers.

Mari Kalkun and Anne-Mari Kivimäki will create Finnish-Estonian soundscapes and new songs inspired by the nature surrounding the Saari Residence, snowfall, Mynämäki and Munamäki.