Funding for linguistic descriptions of Uralic languages

In its annual funding round of 2015, Kone Foundation will award funding for linguistic descriptions of Uralic languages.

Funding can be awarded for initiatives that create relatively comprehensive descriptions of languages for which decent linguistic descriptions are lacking. It is an advantage if both language typological and pedagogical aspects are taken into account. We encourage the applicants to involve the relevant language communities in the work.

Application procedure

Application period begins on 1 September and ends on 30 September at 16.00 Finnish time (Eastern European Summer Time, GMT + 3). Applicants should carefully complete the online application form and send it along with the supporting documentation electronically to Kone Foundation.

The applicants are asked to include the following with their application:

  • Project proposal  (max 10 pages)
  • Cost estimate (see example)
  • Curriculum vitae(s)
  • If the applicant represents an organization, association, or corporation etc.: copies of the annual report, financial statement and auditor’s report from the previous year.
  • Other possible documents (e.g. portfolio, letter of reference)

If the applicant wishes to include a reference letter with the application, he or she should ask the referee(s) to submit their references in the online reference service.

General instructions and instructions for research projects given at instructions for grant applicants apply for the grant call.


More information:

Head of research affairs Kalle Korhonen, kalle.korhonen(at), 050 344 7468.


The foundation organized a workshop on the same theme at Saari Manor in Mynämäki, Finland, on 12 June, 2015. Read more