Four visions on boldness – see the videos

On the videos, our new grant recipients from four projects tell us about their bold plans for 2018.



Singing the songs of female Finnish wartime prisoners

Researcher and producer Anne Koski, music pedagogue and musician Petra Poutanen-Hurme, choreographer Päivi Järvinen, and female choir Tellus will bring us a message from one hundred years ago. The choir will sing songs and texts found in the archives, made by female prisoners in 1918. The chastity of the women was suspect – for which they were mocked.

“The ultimate message of this liberating show is the right of women and girls to active citizenship without hatred and violence,” say the group members of their work’s motivation.

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Laura Pietiläinen: “Inspiration is my lead”

Dancer Laura Pietiläinen has created an exceptional character in Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything. Michaela absorbs the cherishing energies of the universe and creates performances guided by such energies. In the performances, Pietiläinen collaborates with musicians, video artists, and fashion designers, among others.

“My lead is intution and the miraculous coincidences that follow it,” Pietiläinen describes her work.

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Nina Nygren and her workgroup (Toni Lahtinen, Karoliina Lummaa, Heta Heiskanen): “The Compensation Game”

Humans dominate an increasingly large part of the biosphere, and the sixth extinction wave is currently upon us. This has increased pressure to try new methods for conserving nature, one of which is biodiversity offsetting.

As biodiversity offsetting is only now being tested as a part of Finnish nature conservation policy, it is not yet known, how it affects nature conservation or society.

Along with her team, environmental policy researcher Nina Nygren will seek answers to these questions by developing a board or a card game that will serve as a method for creating discussion of biodiversity offsetting.

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Researcher Leonardo da Costa Custódio and journalist Monica Gathuo: ARMA

Antiracist Media Activist Alliance (ARMA) brings together researchers, activists, and artists. ARMA will combine theory and practice and utilise digital media, pedagogy, and arts to promote antiracism knowledge and values in Finland. ARMA organizes workshops and lectures, produces online materials and art exhibitions, and publishes books.

“ARMA is a union of creative professionals led by black and brown people. Most of our activities is open to everyone. We want to transform research, activism, and art into creative tools for fighting racism,” says Monica Gathuo and Leonardo da Costa Custodio.

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Photos and videos: Aleksi Poutanen