Digital language resources and data mining

Kone Foundation awards funding in 2013 to support the creation of digital language resources and their development for research purposes.

The funding round Digital Language Resources and Data Mining is part of the Kone Foundation Language programme, the purpose of which is to support the documentation and use of small Finno-Ugric languages, Finnish and all the minority languages of Finland.

The aim of the funding round is to encourage researchers to develop and use new methods of data mining and computerized analysis in linguistic research in particular. This could mean, for instance, the analysis of discourse phenomena, emotions and opinions in texts and spoken materials. Moreover, the foundation wishes to promote research which crosses the boundaries between computer linguistic and qualitative analysis, for example in sociolinguistics, and research that involves crowdsourcing. Funding can also be sought for the creation of corpora from different kinds of language resources, such as fiction and non-fiction. The foundation encourages towards interaction between artists and researchers, too.

Application procedure

Application period for Digital Language Resources and Data Mining grant call starts on 15 February and closes on 15 March, 2013. Applicants should carefully complete the online application form and send it along with the supporting documentation electronically to Kone Foundation. The completed form must also be printed and posted to the Kone Foundation office on 15 March at the latest.

General instructions and instructions for research projects given at Guide to Kone Foundation Applications 2012 apply for Digital Language Resources and Data Mining grant call with the following exceptions:

  • Application period starts on 15 February and closes on 15 March.
  • The deadline for possible reference letters given online is 22 March.
  • Funding can be applied for a maximum of three years.
  • There is no need to post the supporting attachments to the foundation; the printed and signed pdf application form is sufficient. However, the supporting attachments must be attached to the online application.
  • The decisions will be made before the end of April.

The application will be considered, if the application along with the required supporting attachments is sent via applications online service (“Application status: Sent”) and the signed pdf form is posted to Kone Foundation office no later than 15 March, 2013. Please avoid registered mail (“R”, Recommandé or similar).

Supporting attachments

The applicants are asked to include the following with their application:

  • Project proposal  (max 10 pages)
  • Cost estimate (see example)
  • Curriculum vitae(s)
  • If the applicant represents an organization, association, or corporation etc.: copies of the annual report, financial statement and auditor’s report from the previous year.
  • Other possible documents (e.g. portfolio, letter of reference)

If the applicant wishes to include a reference letter with the application, he or she should ask the referee(s) to submit their references in the online reference service.

More information

Head of Research Affairs Kalle Korhonen (see contact information)


See the list of grant recipients