Artist Bäckman Freja

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Writing a collection of shorter texts

| Yksivuotinen

I will be working on a collection of texts during the home residency with the working title Frail Frames. A central figure for the texts is the origin of the word symbol, which comes out of the tradition of breaking a plate after dinner and giving the guest a piece of the broken plate as a symbol of belonging together. I am interested in this piece as one with sharp edges, something one has to be careful with. The symbol of belonging together becomes something one has to handle with care. I hope to use the time of the residency to explore possibilities of bringing together ideas into these texts from the different formats of the body of work: I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer. I have been working with this series since 2015, and it has been shaped by public workshops or collective actions and taken the formats of a concert (performance/installation), 1 on 1 performances, a video and a vinyl record. At the moment I am at a place where I wish to create a frame story for this, one which possibly could be playing with fiction and non-fiction. The different parts of the above mentioned body of work are overlapping and feeding on each other and through the text I hope to add another layer to it. Not through a reflection on the works themselves but more of a frame story that can suggest yet another perspective and creates a sort of world for it. I would be curious on experimenting with different forms of text, intimate ones like letters or diary entries but also interviews and shorter essays as well as materials from the performance and installation with sketches and scores. Through the texts I will explore how and where instances of proximities and entanglements of belongings, care, vulnerability and violence can be found and described.