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Master of Fine Arts Soria Hernandez Diana

74850 €

What is a body when it is lost? Relations between urgency, performance and poetics

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

This project proposes that through the poetics of performance art and my body, it is possible to make visible the forced disappearance of people. Exercised by the neoliberal economies that often take place through an invisible expression of power and terror, which has the capacity to dictate who may live and who must die. My proposal is based on a series of questions that are political, phenomenological, aesthetic, and performative: What is a body when it is lost? How to resist and be resilient to the necropolitics? How to hold on to the intangibility of the forced absent bodies? I have the contingent need of addressing these questions in my performance art, with the firm conviction of avoiding the reproduction of violence. Through my body I propose to make a performance art that can be poetic and abstract open to interpretations but that hold together through affects. Deconstructing literal messages and creating a momentary space where absence can be present. I want to understand “disappearance” from the perspective of forensic sciences and meet those who have direct contact to the process of searching, locating, identifying and reuniting bodies. For this project I propose: +Contact and meet the Mexican and Argentine Forensic anthropology teams. +Adopt some of poet Sara Uribe’s Antígona González -questions for devising workshops +Perform my research process in festivals and residencies +Organise an International Performance Festival between Latin America and Finland