PhD candidate Faber Jack

5000 €

We’re Wolves is a Virtual Reality and Expanded Cinema art project through which we can shape-shift ourselves into Northern wolves and experience live from their own unique perspective.

'We're Wolves' is an art project integrating virtual reality application and video installation, to be shown internationally and in Finland by the end of 2021. 'We're Wolves' gives us an innovative way to shape-shift ourselves into Northern wolves and experience lives from their own unique perspective. By taking the wolves point of view - through a sensory environment created by immersive sound, video and virtual reality technologies - the project seeks a different, deeper understanding of human-animal relations. The project aims to connect people with each other through nature, a crucial matter in these times of uncertainty, isolation, limited mobility and inaccessibility to physical locations. 'We're Wolves' suggest instead new forms of closeness, movement and togetherness as social survival strategies, realized through compassion and caring for others. By enabling us to experience the life of other species we share our existence with, we can better understand our mutual relations with each other as well as the great importance of treating nature and its dwellings with respect and equality. Creating such an emphatic link is invaluable to our sustainability and shared responsibility as a society. With its non-invasive innovative approach, We're Wolves hopes to enhance public awareness by Creating a positive immersive experience for the audience to take part in. While also enabling remote experience from the safety of homes through a VR application, the work reflects upon the ethical and emotional aspects of humans and other species relations. The art work raises questions on how we define culture in relation to the wild, what is a home and what is native, while offering the ability to co-exist between them. 'We're Wolves' looks at the deep climatic connection between humans and animals wellbeing, and purpose to show how - by accessing new spaces which connect art and VR - we can explore ways for humans and animals to create a contemporary common story.