MFA Kavachi Kavachi

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We Welcomed The Quests Together

I vacuumed the house He mopped the floor I took the trash out He cooked for me and I washed the dishes He cleaned the bathroom I wiped the window and He put up the curtains I washed the sheets He made the bed I set the alarm He turned off the bedside lamp I scratched his back He made a coffee I read a poem He watered the plants I changed the water in the aquarium He did the laundry and I hung up the laundry He hammered a nail in the wall I hung a painting He ironed my shirt I repaired a hole in his t-shirt He turned on the radio I cut his hairs He cut mine And We welcomed the guests together. The above text came out during my quarantine. Because of the pandemic, I spent more time at home and this quarantine process allowed me to question the daily activities at home in terms of art-making. During the lockdown, we may all more realize how much labour goes into running a household. The text, addressing domestic activities, which occupy our daily life at the home, question the division of labour for couples and gender roles. At Saari, I want to connect with local LGBTQ couples and discuss domestic activities with them. I plan to hear their stories about domestic labour at home and try to collect some second-hand clothes and fabrics from them. In the end, I intend to reflect these stories on the collected textile materials by sewing them together with the above text.