Ph.D. in Philosophy, Visual Artist Guerra Luis

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Wandering Echoes, rounds and litanies as performative maps under confinement

| Yksivuotinen

Wandering is forbidden. The human population is confined, and public spaces are empties. I have been working around the concept of wandering as the main object of my artistic research since 2017. I understand the act of wandering as an operative loss mechanism, which, in its declination, occurrence, forces the given context by enacting a possibility of an uninscribed phenomenon. Some of the questions I will explore now are: in what sense the act of wandering now, at home, with my family, could be seen as an echoic embodiment of something lost? Could it be possible to think of the wandering action as an uninscribed methodology of visibilization of that which doesn't have visibility today? The main idea behind the production of these gestures, rounds and litanies, is to see a common territory without subjects or language, for seeing what happens to be invisible to language. Examples of cultural wanderings are the Situationists' dérive, Adrian Piper's actions in the '70s, Jiri Kovanda's acts, or the poetic acts the School of Architecture, Catholic University Valparaíso, did in the '60s. We have, of course, the wandering of nomads, the wandering of children, the wandering around of tourists. But all of these wanderings were occurring in public spaces, in the open air. That is not possible anymore. And even though we will recuperate our usual motility, the current crisis will have changed our recent social behaviors. I want to explore a physical and philosophical approach to the mechanism of wandering in current circumstances and its capacity for building echoic networks through its operative loss. I will work through daily life rituals, precarious and ordinary actions that today take prominent importance: reading out loud, singing, exercising, drawing, painting, sculpting with everyday objects, displacement of furniture, talking and reflecting with others, conversations, and video recordings. These wandering echoes will form an echoic landscape for a memory to come.