Writer, designer, multimedia artist Malpica Daniel

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Transmedial Literature & The Entangled Norths

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Daniel Malpica seeks funding from the Kone Foundation to develop transmedial-literary pieces/performances (artistic work) and foster Nordic literary community alliances. The project aims to expand the boundaries of literature and its mediums, emphasizing its role not just as a form of artistic expression but also as a powerful tool for societal change in times of economic, political and environmental uncertainty. Through the creation of two solo transmedial-exhibitions, several literary performances, and Nordic cooperations (workshops, networking and discussion pannels), Malpica will attempt to engage diverse communities with literature in its myriad forms and understand its profound impact on our current context. Furthermore, Malpica aims to immerse himself in the realm of multimedia literary practices and artistic research by collaborating and networking with professionals in the field. This endeavor not only seeks to enhance his own skills but also to create a comprehensive "map" that showcases the prevailing trends, practices, terminologies, methodologies, and issues specific to the Nordic network in its diversity. Malpica's work over the past decade has focused on the power of poetry combined with literary activism and community building. With rising economic uncertainties and societal challenges, including racism scandals in Finland, Malpica's project aims to address these issues through literature and arts, promoting dialogue and empathy. Malpica has collaborated with various Nordic and transatlantic professionals, partnering with organizations like Red Door Gallery (DK), Kultivera (SE) HIAP (FI), and others. His contributions include highlighting Finnish linguistic diversity with a book in 2020 and serving in various artistic director roles, such as the Copenhagen Literature Festival in 2022. His multimedia endeavors and activism, especially regarding migration issues in Finland, have been widely covered in media outlets like Helsingin Sanomat.