doctoral researcher Siekierska Anna

7000 €

Towards Interspecies Community.

Fifty years ago, due to the presence of craters and iron lumps found in the area, the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve was established, which today is located within the city of Poznań (Poland). Based on these events, I speculate about a religious cult that might have developed there. I create a powerful sacred sculpture of a meteorite by exploring techniques of woodworking (in process). The meteorite is one of the saints revered by the Interspecies Community - a religious movement that rediscovers the connection between humans and nature. The meteorite is a mystic, has the ability to see into the deep past and the distant future. There are also other beings in the Pantheon of Saints who celebrate the vital life force daily. Nettle, woodpecker, rosalia alpina, mistletoe, wild boar, lobaria pulmonaria, spotted salamander, human, water shrew, pine, basalt, honeycomb, Shneider's broom... These are creatures and common in the environment, the so-called weeds and pests, and very rarely the so-called indicator species. There is no hierarchy between them, they are connected by a rhizome horizontal structure that tells about the relations between us all. I believe that human life on Earth need a spiritual awakening that will uproot the deadly anthropocentric paradigm in human/non-human relations and introduce other modes of coexistence – based on solidarity, respect and the recognition of our interconnectedness. Therefore the Interspecies Community strives to channel a materialist spirituality that springs from affective connections between bodies. In Saari residence, I will look for ways to represent the other characters of the Interspecies Community. Specific representations are closely related to local natural conditions. In this process, it is important to stay in the field for a long time, observe carefully, follow your intuition combined with in-depth scientific research. I'm searching for rituals in wildness and wastelands. I'm recycling spells, litanies and gestures