Master of Fine Arts Sato Yuichiro

30000 €

The Landscape Painting Without Nationality

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

The concept of "landscape painting without nationality" was born from the differences and empathy I felt in Finland. I have lived and painted in Laukar, Finland since 2016. We all find that in our daily lives we all have different backgrounds. And we can see that we sympathize with many things as if there were no difference between us. When I find beauty with someone in a mediocre landscape, I most strongly recognize human empathy. During my grant period, I will create large-scale painting installations in pursuit of the essence of beauty and exhibit them in Finland, Germany, France and Japan. The purpose of this project is to show human empathy across nationalities, races, cultures, languages, times and many other differences. I connect geographically different places by people's imagination using landscape painting installations. Natural landscapes are uninterrupted and connected across borders and times. This fact has inspired me for the project and is itself an important element of the project. In the summer of 2022, my works will be exhibited at the The Riihisaari Savonlinna Museum in Savonlinna and the Makasiini Contemporary in Turku at the same time. The works exhibited at the two venues are independent but also be able to connect each other. As people move between the two venues, they will see the actual scenery while riding a vehicle or walking. The scenery continues. In addition, I exhibit new works at Karlsruhe, Paris, Tokyo and Kanagawa in 2022–2023. The project Landscape Painting Without Nationality transcends distance, connects with people's imagination, becomes real landscape and expands infinitely. Technique: I draw in black and white with pencil and graphite. I will develop my techniques and explore some new method. I respect the masterpiece Shorin-zu by Japanese painter Hasegawa Tohaku. His work is now giving me new inspiration. Through this project, I believe that I can create timeless and innovative landscape paintings.