Nursing Aid Mahdi Ramieza and working group (The land that is not)

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The land that is not

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

The land that is not -project is a collective photography project that works with young citizens in Vasa using the photovoice method. This research method utilizes the power of photography as self-expression and as a way to be together. In photovoice you capture on film information about your life and community and share it with others in the photovoice group. Photovoice draws on Paulo Freire’s writings on pedagogy, as well as community photography, and participatory action research. One important part of the method is building an exhibition together. To the Opening night the young Vaasa citizens can choose to invite family, friends, teachers, researchers, youth workers, cultural workers, local artists, local politicians and the local media. The photovoice meetings and the exhibition is hosted by the artist community Platform. The land that is not uses photovoice as an un-silencing strategy of experiences that are often silenced in the public sphere in Vaasa, such as racism, sexism and islamophobia. But more importantly The land that is not is aiming at creating a community and possible place for solidarities, and a platform for change.