Visual artist Talpsepp-Jaanisoo Berit

28800 €

The Collector’s Garden: an independent artistic research project, focusing on figurative sculpture as desirable and powerful object, explored through collecting as a method.

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

The Collector’s Garden is an extensive exploration on a figurative three-dimensional object, combining studio work with other forms of research in this field. I have worked on the research project since 2017. The project focuses on the following themes: 1) Figurative sculpture as a desirable and powerful object, 2) The relationship(s) between a figurative object and the spectator/object and its creator, 3) The practice of collecting; collection as an environment and as a laboratory. The theoretical and practical research in this field is conducted through collecting as a method. All the stages of the project take place in the Collector’s Garden - an experimental environment of collecting and working. During the research process, the Collector’s Garden functions as a laboratory, where the theoretical considerations are put into practice and vice versa, and where various experiments with already existing and new material take place. Besides collecting physical objects through the process of possessing, making and experimenting, I also collect the history, ideas and knowledge that relate to objects, and I work with all this as one organic system. The Collector’s Garden is an independent artistic research project, and its purpose is to conduct the exploration in fine art through free and creative perspective. The project terminates in two exhibitions in different venues: in 2018 (Galleria Sculptor, 03.08. – 26.08) and in 2020.