Author and Editor Jones Christopher

8400 €

The Clouds of Yesterday: Stories from Finland and Beyond (Fiction)

| Yksivuotinen

I will develop a series of short stories, including a number of pieces based on my time in Finland (over a decade). These are part of a collection I intend to publish in the near future with a reputable publishing house. The themes include xenophobia and prejudice, self-discovery and identity, crime and violence, and alienation. Though most social and environmental activism has been put on hold due to the pandemic, much work remains to be done. Not only will these issues remain when the pandemic subsides, the issues are mutating—be it racism, climate change, politics, or otherwise—taking on new life online, with stranger, more nefarious tones and darker implications in the years to come. We’re confronted with a situation heretofore unknown to civilization (meaning a pandemic in a time of digital connectivity and misinformation), and it’s terrifying and fascinating in equal measure. Art must confront these issues. Because I have been steadily building my portfolio and credentials the past few years, I have established numerous contacts within the industry, including numerous editors and publishers. Interest has already been high: one small press has requested to see the manuscript when it is complete. So I’m in a good position to see this through.