Emerging artist Chou Naiwen

5500 €

The 30/ 三十而立

The proposed art project is a mixed media installation that combines recycled materials, video, and music to create a time machine sculpture in the shape of Doraemon from the Japanese anime series. The project aims to explore the anxiety and pressure surrounding age and identity transitions in Asian cultures, and to highlight the societal expectations that dictate how people should behave and what they should accomplish at different stages of their lives. The use of recycled facial mask sheets and beauty-related videos draws attention to the prevalence of age and appearance concerns in Asian societies. The project is a reflection of the cultural pressures faced by many people in Asian society and serves as a reminder to embrace and celebrate the changes that come with aging and pursue personal aspirations rather than succumbing to societal pressures. The project is also the artist's self-summary and record of turning 30, which is a significant milestone in Asian culture